EFCN is the elder service professional and social hub in Greater Victoria. For the past eighteen years, we’ve built an elder friendly community through a network of well-informed people who serve seniors.

We strive for a balance of business, non-profit, academic and political membership as a reflection of our belief that every community sector is required for our group to be fully informed of available senior services and initiatives.

EFCN is not a special interest or advocacy organization. All viewpoints are welcome, and every member is respected.

Our primary goal is to increase community participation with seniors.

We’re proud of the fact that representatives from diverse organizations now connect formally and informally with each other because of coming together within the EFCN. Our common goal is to continue to enhance Greater Victoria’s elder community.

While the EFCN organization does not itself directly represent seniors, it is a forum where members share resources and information in order to support and affect positive changes in the lives of elders.

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If you would like to contact us for more information or to tell us about yourself and your organization, we’d love to hear from you!

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EFCN serving older adults in Victoria BC